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Ages 2.6 to 4 years old

Children are given the confidence, independence, and security to smoothly transition from home to the larger social world around them with the support of their experienced teachers. Our program reflects the research-based understanding that play is essential to a child's health, well-being and the foundation of their education. We have carefully designed our learning environment to support peer engagement, encourage movement, and provide developmentally appropriate activities reflecting a multi-disciplinary approach to learning through play. The day begins with a period of free play.

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Playtime is followed by circle time, consisting of verses, nursery rhymes, songs, and circle games. The morning ends with a nature story, a folk or fairy tale. We expose children to the diverse cultures of people around the globe through the celebration of festivals, captivating group projects and drama to impart a greater sense of community.

Child-led yet teacher framed.

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